Freestyle Hand Painted Satin Half Cuff Bracelet OOAK


Our Freestyle Collection features jewelry that is hand painted in an abstract freestyle, i.e. no particular structure or form, just random strokes or marks, in watercolors, patina paints, leather paints, and other mediums, or my digital art abstract patterns. Colorful, artful, and one-of-a-kind. Similar, but not the same, digital art patterns can be reproduced for various jewelry i.e. cuffs, pendants or earrings.

Our Freestyle Hand Painted Satin Half Cuff Bracelet feature a black satin brocade fabric overlaid on watercolor paper for structure. The piece is then freestyle painted in turquoise, black and gold colors in several layers to achieve an almost leather-like look. The cuff is painted black on the inside and the whole piece is sealed with a high gloss acrylic polymer then finished with gold-colored jewelry brass handmade chain and a gold-plated toggle clasp. One-of-Kind

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