Birch Bark Dark Brown Half Cuff OAK


Our Birch Bark jewelry is handcrafted with birch bark responsibly harvested from fallen Ontario birch trees. Making birchbark jewelry is a lesson in patience since it requires many steps to turn the rough, dirty bark into a thing of beauty. From selecting the best pieces of bark to its initial boiling to cutting, sanding, burnishing and even sometimes painting the bark with watercolors or dyes, the birch bark magically transforms into art jewelry. Birch bark has been used for eons for jewelry and so many other functional and decorative items and I love working with this very special organic.

Our Birch Bark Half Cuff features an oval slice of processed birch bark with handmade sterling silver 2 by 1 chain and faux brown suede tassel-style tie closure with a silver-plated slider bead. This unique and one-of-a-kind piece has a rustic feel to it with its leather-like look. Processed from the bark in multiple steps and sealed with acrylic polymer.

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