PaperArt Aqua & White Digital Art Watercolor Paper Half-Cuff Bracelet OOAK


Our PaperArt Collection features jewelry I make using watercolor paper, stone paper and fabric paper such as Kraft-Tex in a proprietary multi-step process, which includes hand-painting or my digital art designs, lacing and other embellishments. The finished pieces are durable and water-resistant.

If you love seaside beach houses and flowing white linen shirts, you'll love the aqua and white combo of this half cuff and it's easy-wearing simplicity. Fresh as an ocean breeze and pretty as the summertime, our one-of-a-kind Aqua & White Digital Art Watercolor Paper Half-Cuff Bracelet is crafted with my digital art pattern of a leaf processed in multiple steps to make the piece water-resistant and durable then laced with white artificial sinew for an interesting accent that kicks the design up a notch. 


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