El Boho Antique Silver Triangle Pendant Necklace with Tassel


In our El Boho Collection, the "El" is short for Elegant!  My iteration of the popular boho-chic look kicks it up a notch with colorful handpainted elements and lots of pizzazz and sparkle. Inspired by First Nations art and Native American turquoise and silver jewelry the maker collects, and the popular boho-chic jewelry trend, the El Boho Collection incorporates beautiful turquoise and coral/red colors, feathers, and interesting patterns, along with surprising little twists like Swarovski crystals.

Our El Boho Antique Silver Triangle Pendant with Tassel has an ethnic flare with its shiny dangling circle charms and a beautiful embossed design. The long, luxurious black tassel is handmade and finished with black seed beads. The pendant is strung on a luxe black satin braided cord with knot self-closure.

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