Dazzling Green/Amethyst Glitter Resin Reversible Pendant Necklace/Choker w/Tassel


Our Dazzling Green/Violet Glitter Resin Pendant Necklace w/Tassel is a stunning accessory you will love wearing with your little black dress or tuxedo. With its silky black tassel and glittering bezel, this pendant necklace makes a statement that you're seriously glam. Featuring:

  • 24k gold-plated pewter fancy round smallish bezel sparkling with striking green and deep amethyst glitter embedded in UV resin with a glass-like finish.
  • Handmade poly-silk black long tassel with black seed bead neck.
  • Reverses to a 24k gold-plated round bezel with an engraved floral design.
  • Handmade twisted gold-tone wire bail strung on an 18" black twisted satin cord with knot/loop closure -- can be tied at the back of the neck before going through the loop to create a choker length that works very well with this design featuring the longer tassel. 

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