Birch Bark Half Cuff Bracelet OOAK


Our Birch Bark jewelry is made with bark that I have responsibly harvested from fallen Ontario white birch trees and process from scratch myself.

Our Birch Bark Half Cuff Reversible Pendant Bracelet OAK features a birch bark half cuff that is lined with an original digital design imprinted on watercolor paper. Attached to the top of the cuff is a large teardrop-shaped birch bark pendant that can be detached and reversed to showcase the colorful digital design on the other side. The pendant is laced around the edges with artificial sinew and attaches to the cuff with a faux suede tie. One-of-a-Kind, this rustically elegant and uniquely designed piece is one of my favorite designs. The cuff is strung onto a brown faux suede cord with a tan wood slide bead for closure, leaving a nice, long tassel-like tail that hangs beautifully from the wrist.

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