El Boho Handpainted Baltic Birch Wood Pendant in Silver Frame with Hammered Silver Circle Drops


In our El Boho Collection, the "El" is short for Elegant!  My iteration of the popular boho-chic look kicks it up a notch with colorful handpainted elements and lots of pizzazz and sparkle. Inspired by First Nations art and Native American turquoise and silver jewelry the maker collects, and the popular boho-chic jewelry trend, the El Boho Collection incorporates beautiful turquoise and coral/red colors, feathers, and interesting patterns, along with surprising little twists like Swarovski crystals.
Our stunning and incredibly lightweight El Boho Handpainted Baltic Birch Wood Pendant in Silver Frame with Hammered Silver Drops light deep fuchsia and dark turquoise then sealed in resin for a glossy look. The pendant is suspended by a wire wrap in a handmade hammered open bezel beaded with 3mm turquoise gemstones from the Kingsman Mine in Arizona and tiny sterling silver beads with one Pacific Opal Swarovski Crystal at the bottom for a pretty sparkle. Strung on our luxe black satin twisted cord with knot closure.
The resin on this one has a couple of shallow little divots that are not obvious when wearing but I have reduced the price by nearly 40%. Note, this pendant is not machine-made but painted by hand, therefore, due to the extreme magnification of some photos, imperfections are noticeable, whereas to the naked eye, it looks fine. 

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