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Copper Bar & Byzantine Chain Maille Articulated Bracelet

Copper Bar & Byzantine Chain Maille Articulated Bracelet

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Our Copper Bar & Byzantine Chain Maille Articulated Bracelet features three sections of hammered copper bars and two sections of byzantine chain maille units interjoined, to form an articulated bracelet that is interesting and understated, making it a go-to for accessorizing everyday casual or office wear.


  • Bars are hand cut from copper sheet, filed, sanded, and hammered for textural interest.
  • Copper jump rings are woven into byzantine chain maille units and joined to the bars to create the bracelet.
  • The bracelet features a naturally aged patina in the photos and can be antiqued with chemical patina upon request. Conversely, the bracelet can be polished to its original copper color with a natural, non-toxic method we use in the studio for a quick and beautiful shine. In this case, the bracelet will naturally patina over time.
  • Handmade S clasp created with heavy gauge vintage bronze wire that is hammered for sturdiness.
  • This copper bracelet is treated with three coats of Renaissance Wax before it leaves our studio. The wax locks in the patina chosen (natural, chemically antiqued, or original) and helps prevent the green color that copper can transfer to some people's skin. Although the stain is harmless and temporary, as it is easily removed with soap and water, we like to do everything we can so our copper jewelry does not stain.