Brass & Stainless Steel 2-1 Chain Maille Earrings


Our Brass & Stainless Steel 1-2 Chain Maille Earrings are a classic and simple chain maille design with a cool mixed metal vibe that works day or night for any occasion. 

Animated, long, and classy looking, these earrings are simple and affordable in these two great non-precious metals, yet the diamond-cut stainless steel dazzles and the brass shines lending them a real gold/silver mixed metals impact. This design works well with long hair or hair all pulled back in a sleek ponytail.  They will rock a pair of jeans or your LBD. Not as light as a feather, but not heavy either, you definitely can feel these beauties swinging and hear them lightly tinkling when you move your head. Made with durable, strong materials, they won't break, get crushed, or lose their shape, they will simply last forever. 


  • Each earring features five large, chunky diamond-cut stainless steel jump rings connected to four pairs of smaller jeweler's brass jump rings in a classic 1-2 chain maille pattern.
  • Handmade brass ear wires.
  • Measure just about 3" long.


  • Polish regularly with a jewelry polishing cloth to keep them shining.
  • Stainless steel will not tarnish but the brass can darken with time. While some like the oxidized color, if you wish to keep the earrings like new, you can clean them with a non-toxic polishing paste. Refer to Jewelry Care for more information.


  • In stock, ships next day by Canada Post.
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