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We have temporarily disabled our online store checkout.

Our jewelry may quickly and easily be purchased as follows:

  • Use the email link in the product description to ask any questions you have about the product before purchasing, or you may place your order by entering ORDER  in the subject line of the email. List your name, complete address, and telephone number. Let us know if you would like a telephone call or email to arrange the payment. 

  • Once your email is received, we will contact you within two hours with payment options, which include:

  1. E-transfer to susandorlingdesigns@gmail.com. Item is shipped the same day.

  2. Visit https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/thephoenixcollection and pay via credit card or instant transfer through your PayPal account, or sign-up for a PayPal account. Your item is shipped the same day.

  3. We will send you an invoice and you can pay with a personal cheque or money order. Once the funds clear, your item is shipped.