Our metal, wire, chain maille, and gemstone jewelry is handcrafted by Susan Dorling in Ontario, Canada working primarily with bronze, brass, copper, and sterling silver.

From minimalist hoop earrings to eye-catching statement pieces, our artisan jewelry is designed to acessorize your unique look, day into evening, for any occasion.

We use ethically sourced and cruelty-free high quality materials made in Canada and the USA in the crafting of our jewelry. That means; no leather, no feathers, no oyster pearls, no coral, no silk cord.

About the Maker
Susan has been designing and making jewelry since 2007, inspired by her tenure with Bella Online where she was the writer/editor of Bella Online's Fashion Jewelry and Jewlery Collecting channels. During this time, she did extensive research into gemstones and jewelry design  for her articles, and had the opportunity to interview many jewelry designers;  among them Lowell Hayes, Elvis Presley's personal jeweler and Gigi Garner, celebrity jewelry designer and daughter of the late actor James Garner. 

Bitten by the jewelry bug, Susan began as most jewelry artists do with stringing beads, then explored wire wrapping, polymer clay, resin, epoxy clay, watercolor paper, birch bark, metal work, and chain maille.

Over the years, in addition to jewelry making, Susan has managed her husband's service business, designed websites for her web development company, and had several side gigs, including baking and selling gourmet dog biscuits, handpainted ceramics, gift baskets, and handcrafted soap. She is also a freelance writer since 2000 with hundreds of pet, business, and interior decorating articles published online. Her articles are published at cuteness.com, lovetoknow.com, and other popular websites.

Susan is an animal lover and advocates for global animal welfare. Her blog Focus on Animals shares animal welfare news, vegan and vegetarian recipes, inspiring quotes, poetry, and art.